Get unlimited healthy, great-tasting, pure water effortlessly for less per day than a can of fizzy drink or bottle of water

Enjoy the UK’s most comprehensive home water solution

What you get from our smart Home Water Systems and inclusive service

  • Unlimited Pure Water

    Mains connected means unlimited pure water never runs out or requires refilling
  • Instant Chilled Or Boiling

    Instant chilled and boiling pure water, all at the touch of a button from one device
  • World-leading Purification

    Triple filtration technology, bacteria-killing UV treatment, microplastic elimination
  • Amazing Clean Taste

    Scale prevention technology means water with a refreshing, clean, crisp taste
  • Healthy Minerals

    Unique technology retains Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, which are essential for your health
  • Smart Technology

    Features child lock, autofill function, suitable for pots, jugs and bottles, sleep and energy save modes
  • Guaranteed Pure Water

    Hassle-free service that guarantees you constant, pure water 365 days a year

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Virgin Pure gives you the clean taste of mineral water and the convenience of an integrated tap at a fraction of the cost

Why thousands of homes every day are choosing Virgin Pure

  • Health Benefits

    85% of Virgin Pure customers drink more healthy mineral-rich water and fewer sugary drinks
  • Less Waste

    A family of 4 switching from bottled water on average saves 200 single-use plastic bottles per year
  • Save Money

    Unlimited pure water for equal to 90p per day. Compared to bottled water, a family of 4 saves over £700 within 18 months
  • Cheaper Bills

    In testing, the Virgin Pure used 36% less energy than a kettle to fill 4 cups of boiling water over a day
  • Convenience

    Enjoy instant pure water boiling and chilled from one system at the touch of a button with no refilling, running out or waiting
  • Well-being

    Peace of mind knowing that thanks to our advanced filtration and purification, your family only drinks clean, healthy water no matter what

With a Virgin Pure subscription, you get guaranteed constant, clean, and healthy water, from just 90p per day

How our subscriptions work

  • Installation and Trial Period

    Within 10 days of ordering, we install your new system directly to your mains water and give you a 30-day trial period with complimentary returns and a guaranteed full refund if you change your mind.

  • Complete Care

    Enjoy peace of mind as we automatically deliver essentials such as replacement filters and UV lamps. Benefit from unlimited warranty and support, and rest assured, knowing we'll reinstall your system at no additional charge if you move.

  • Simple and Convenient

    Experience simplicity with everything covered by one easy and affordable monthly payment, equal to as little as 90p per day

How we fit the Smart Home Water System in your home without you lifting a finger

Pick a convenient date when ordering and then we take care of everything

  • Choose a location

    Our technician will help locate the ideal location for your system. It should be within 12 meters of water mains, typically near a dishwasher or sink, and 2 meters of a power outlet.

  • Mains water connection

    Your system will be connected to the water supply without impacting other plumbing. As trained plumbers, our technicians can connect our systems to almost any kitchen.

  • System personalisation

    Our technician will fine-tune your system to your preferences, including temperature settings, auto-fill levels, child locks, and enabling energysaving and sleep modes.

We do not believe you should compromise on the water you drink

How we transform your water into pure, clean, healthy hydration

  • Removes Impurities In Tap Water

    Our world-leading filtration removes 99% of the impurities found in tap water such as Chlorine, Lead and Mercury
  • Retains Minerals Most Filters Remove

    Unlike reverse osmosis, our system retains healthy minerals such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium
  • Kills Bacteria Often Found In Filter Jugs

    Our UV technology kills bacteria and parasites that breed in water when it is left standing
  • Unlike Bottled Water, No Microplastics

    Microplastics removed through advanced nanofiltration technology and a stainless-steel tank
  • No Need For Scaley Kettles

    Nobody likes white flakes in their tea. Our clever system prevents the formation of limescale.

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All it takes is a couple of minutes a year to keep your water pure

  • Change the Filter every 6 months and the UV Lamp every 12 months.

  • Change the Filter every 6 months and the UV Lamp every 12 months.

Filters and UV Lamps pop in and out. No special knowledge or tools are required, and our website has handy how-to videos. Our inclusive subscription plans ensure that replacement parts are delivered to your doorstep when you need them.

See Virgin Pure In Action

Bring Patented World-Leading Pure Water Technology To Your Home

Explore our Smart Home Water Systems

Home Water System

From 90p per day

  • ✓ Black
  • ✓ Silver
  • ✓ Cream
  • ✓ Hot
  • ✓ Chilled
  • ✓ Ambient
Home Water System II

From 99p per day

  • ✓ Black
  • ✓ White
  • ✓ Grey
  • ✓ Hot
  • ✓ Chilled
  • ✓ Ambient
  • ✓ 15% Smaller
  • ✓ More Powerful
  • ✓ Enhanced Filtration


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    What is the energy efficiency of a Virgin Pure Home Water System?
    When comparing the energy consumption of our Home Water System to that of a coffee maker and kettle for a single cup of hot water, here are the results:

    - Home Water System: 0.07 kWh per cup
    - Electric kettle: 0.11 kWh per cup
    - Single-serve coffee maker: 0.26 kWh per cup

    In trials, the Home Water System II consumed only 0.67 kWh daily, translating to approximately 4p /day in energy costs.

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    What is the size of the Virgin Pure Home Water System?
    Our system is designed to seamlessly fit onto any countertop, regardless of your kitchen's size or layout.

    - Width: 27cm
    - Length: 36cm
    - Height: 37cm

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    What is the capacity of the Virgin Pure Home Water System?
    - 2 litres per minute, which is more than a large bottle of water from the supermarket.
    - With auto-replenishment and chilling, it can provide up to 40 glasses per hour.

    - 1.3 litres per minute
    - With auto-replenishment and reheating, it can deliver up to 80 cups per hour

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    Is a Virgin Pure Home Water System safe for children to use?
    Absolutely! Our system includes a secure child lock feature. Children can only dispense cold water; your engineer can set this up for you. To access hot water with the child lock on, hold both hot and cold buttons simultaneously for at least two seconds.

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    Can a Virgin Pure Home Water System fill pots, pans, jugs and bottles?

    Yes, our removable drip trays and boiling, ambient and chilled water functions mean you can use the water system to fill just about anything in the kitchen.

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    What happens if I move to a new house?
    We cover all house moves with our subscriptions. Simply contact us, and we'll guide you through safely disconnecting, moving, and reinstalling the system at your new property at no extra cost