Helping families to live healthier & happier lives

Kids and grown-ups love the crisp and clean taste of our pure water

When water tastes fantastic, because it’s free of impurities, we know that kids just can’t get enough of it. And the fact our system ensures perfectly chilled water is always conveniently available, it’s not hard to see why 85% of surveyed parents said that their kids now drink more water and less sugary drinks.

How Virgin Pure helps families live healthier

A taste that draws them back

Say hello to fresh water with a pure and crisp taste that needs no disguising. Once your family has tasted a glass of Virgin Pure’s triple filtered water, they’ll want to pour another. And then another.

Packed with healthy minerals

Our clever triple filtration and UV purification processes removes all the nasty stuff from your tap water, but leaves behind the healthy essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.

No accidents on our watch

A clever child lock function ensures that your little ones can only ever dispense the delicious, chilled water. So, no matter their age, everyone in your family can fill a glass with a press of a button.

Loved by real families, like yours

Laura Lacey

I’m a mother of a toddler & a newborn baby boy and wanted a Virgin Pure water system to increase our family’s water intake.

Our toddler often refuses to drink enough but I thought if she saw the whole family drinking more then it might get her on board and it has. She now asks for a drink from our water system and is happily drinking more water!

I’ve also found it really handy with a newborn as it’s so quick to make a hot drink or get a quick glass of water. We are loving our system & couldn’t imagine being without it now!

Adele Blake

As a family, we absolutely love our Virgin Pure water system. It has become a normality in our house and encourages my four-year-old Son to drink more water.

I feel embarrassed to say this but we used to use at least 40 bottles of water a week! However, this is a thing of the past for us as a family.

I have highly recommended the Virgin Pure water system to our friends and family and give it nothing but positive feedback.
You will not regret purchasing this for hot and cold water in your house from the click of a button.

Switch to instant, filtered water with Virgin Pure.

What makes our system the smart choice

No manual refills

Hooked up to your water mains by one of our skilled engineers, you’ll never need to worry about having to refill the system when you need a drink.

Unique purification system

Four different processes, working in perfect harmony, removes the nasty stuff while keeping in all the healthy minerals that you need.

50 temperature settings

Chilled from between 5–10°C, ambient between 10–50°C, and hot between 92–97°C. There’s even a nifty ‘boost’ button to go even hotter.

What customers who made the switch are saying

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