What are the health benefits of drinking purified water?

Drinking triple-filtered, purified water should be a vital part of your healthy daily diet. But why is purified water so much better than any other alternatives?

The benefits of drinking pure water

Removes impurities, bacteria and chemicals from your water, including 99.9% of chlorine

85% of our customers drink more water since having a Virgin Pure Water System installed

Keeps in all the essential minerals you need to stay healthy, such as calcium and magnesium

Our pure water is great to drink as it has no nasty stuff in it

Our five stage purifying process ensures your water is free of nasty chemicals, impurities and bacteria.


Ever wondered why water can have an unpleasant smell and bitter taste? It’s probably chlorine, which is used to treat drinking water. Our carbon filter reduces the chlorine in your water by 99.9%.

Bacteria eliminated

Water can be a breeding ground for microorganisms, but the ultraviolet lamps in our Water Systems kill bacteria within just a few seconds of exposure.

No impurities

Drinking water can carry impurities such as Microplastics, Herbicides, Pesticides and Volatile Organic Compounds. Our Water System helps remove them.

No unwanted rust or dirt

Water leaving treatment plants travels miles through potentially old pipes, often collecting microscopic bits of rust and dirt on its way to your home. Our two sediment filters remove these with ease.

Prevents scale build up

Our Water System uses clever technology to stop the white flakes associated with scale, without removing the healthy minerals which form them.

Pure water helps you stay more hydrated

85% of our customers say they drink more water since having a Virgin Pure Water System installed.


And staying hydrated makes a big difference to your physical and mental wellbeing.

1. Improves your mood

Dehydration can cause headaches, a lethargic feeling and a lowering of your mood. Make sure you’re drinking enough water!

2. Aids digestion

Drinking water with your meals helps you digest food and reduces the chance of upset stomachs, constipation and bloating.

3. Keeps you moving

Proper hydration ensures all your joints and soft tissues are healthy, ready for action.

4. Helps prevent illness

Good hydration can help prevent, treat or manage conditions like heart disease, diabetes, kidney stones, and more.

5. Reduces need for caffeine

You’ll often find dehydration is causing mental fatigue — and the drive for a caffeine hit. Try drinking more water!

Pure water retains the essential minerals

Drinking pure water helps ensure you’re getting all the right stuff from your water.


Calcium helps you maintain strong bones. It also helps your body carry out many important functions related to your muscles, nerves and blood vessels.


Magnesium helps regulate muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. It’s also involved in making protein, bone, and DNA.


A high-potassium diet can reduce blood pressure and water retention. Potassium also helps protect against strokes, osteoporosis and kidney stones.

Ready for pure water?