An office water dispenser that fuels your business

Enjoy instant boiled or chilled water from one smart office water dispenser

Enjoyed by business up and down the UK

An office water dispenser that works for your business. Only £23.33pm (ex VAT) + installation

What’s included:

A fully serviced Water Dispenser System for business

Your workplace will enjoy a fully serviced Work Water System in your choice of 4 colours with unlimited access to instant pure chilled and boiling water.

Speedy & professional installation

Order your water machine for office online in minutes and we’ll have an engineer out to you in a few days. If you move, we’ll reinstall free of charge.

Trusted engineers

Installation from one of our specially trained engineers. Ask them to demonstrate afterwards—they love any excuse for a cup of tea!

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Full refund if you change your mind within 30 days. We’re confident you’ll love pure water, but stranger things have happened.

Unlimited repair & replacements

Nobody wants a thirsty office. If your machine’s playing up, we’ll send an engineer within 3 days to fix or replace your machine.

All replacement parts

Easy-change filters and UV lamps sent to you when you need them every 6 months. No expertise needed to change them.

You’re in complete control from the moment you turn on your office water machine

More convenient
A single button push dispenses water at the temperature you prefer: hot, cold or ambient. Whether you want a refreshing glass of cold water, a comforting hot drink or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

More economical
Our smart water dispenser filters, boils or cools your water while using less energy than a kettle. It makes a great cost-effective addition for any business.

More ecological
The office water dispenser comes with an integrated energy saving mode so you don’t use more energy than you need to and long-lasting filters that minimise waste. Find out more about the energy usage of Virgin Pure water dispensers here.

More hydration
Good hydration in the workplace maintains good health and contributes to better concentration. A smart water dispenser for business that is easy to use and offers a readily available source of great-tasting water encourages everyone in the business to keep up with their hydration goals.

Ready to fuel your office with a
smart water dispenser for business?

Get your workplace hydro-powered for £23.33pm (ex VAT) + professional installation.


Pick your colour and order online, or call our team on 0207 0226471.

Ordering takes about 5 minutes — you just need a Card and Direct Debit details.

Pick a date

The scheduling team will call to arrange a time and date that works. We aim to install your office water filter machine within 5 working days.


Our engineer will come and set everything up. It usually takes around 45 minutes.


Your Water System will then be ready to use right away!

Frequently asked questions about Virgin Pure office water dispenser