Why business all over the UK are joining Virgin Pure

Cooler than a water cooler

Reflect your business with our sleek designs available in a range of colours to suit your workplace.

Taste the team will love

Triple filtered and UV purified for great taste.
90% of people surveyed prefer the taste of our water to bottled.

Works for you

Mains connected means no more lugging water bottles, less plastic waste and forget waiting for the kettle to boil.

Smart features including:
Autofill one-touch, cup, mug, jug size, energy saving and wake-up mode.
Water temperature set to the degree you choose.

Hassle Free

Comprehensive and great value subscription plans means no worrying about replacement filters, lamps and maintenance.
We take care of everything leaving you to focus on your business.

5,000 businesses have left the water cooler and kettle behind and as a result, are enjoying healthier, great tasting, instant hot and cold water the Virgin Pure way.

 Join the 5000 business using Virgin Pure

We’re a small business and watch our budgets, but we also know that things like nice drinking water provide a better environment for our staff who all work super hard. The addition of hot water for tea and coffee was a bonus beyond our old water cooler.Francesca Rivett-Carnac Co-Founder and Director, Stand Agency

Service you’d expect


Dedicated Account Support

Our aim is to make your life easier, therefore supporting your WaterBar is a crack team of engineers and account managers we call the Purifiers.

Help is just a call away

They’re the friendly, helpful people who’ll install your WaterBar, set it up and if you ever have a question or need a hand, they’re just a phone call away.

We take care of everything

The WaterBar is easy to keep clean, and you’ll only need to change the water filter once every six months, and the UV purifier every 12 months. We’ll post replacements straight to you, keeping everything nice and simple.

Make your workplace Pure

In 5 simple steps:

  • Choose

    First of all select the WaterBar and colour that suits you and your business

  • Pick your place

    Your WaterBar needs to be within two meters of a plug socket and 15 meters of your mains water

  • Schedule

    Speak to one of our account managers and schedule a convenient date for installation

  • Installation

    One of our engineers will visit to install your WaterBar and show you how to use it.

  • You’re all set

    You and your colleagues can enjoy tasty filtered water knowing our team has got your back

T6 WaterBar

T7 WaterBar

Features: ✓ Easy use controls
✓ Smart screen display
✓ Oversized pour area
✓ High use capacity
✓ Uber sleek design
✓ Ergonomic controls
✓ Stylish hidden display
Best for: ✓ Businesses with 10+ employees
✓ Busy offices
✓ Staff kitchen areas
✓ Businesses with up to 10 employees
✓ Smaller and boutique offices
Size: Height: 35cm
Width 31cm
Depth 32cm
Height: 37cm
Width 31cm
Depth 36cm
12 Month Contract: £15.84 per month £19.17 per month
Installation: £24.17 one off       £24.17 one off      
All Prices Exclude VAT Get the T6 WaterBar now Get the T7 WaterBar now

Need more help? Call our sales team on 0207 022 6471

Included in your monthly plan:

✓ The WaterBar for the lifetime of your Virgin Pure plan
✓ All of your activated carbon water filters, proactively mailed to you every six months
✓ Bacteria killing replacement UV lamps, posted to you every 12 months
✓ Descaler treatment delivered directly to your door every 6 months
✓ Full Lifetime Warranty including all engineer visits and support

Fixed Spend

Our monthly plans also give you the peace of mind that you won’t need to spend another penny beyond this single monthly payment