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As well as the best-tasting glass of cold water and crispest cuppa you’ve ever had, our perfectly chilled water is perfect for everything from your cold water pie crust to hot water for your mafaldine pasta. With a Virgin Pure water system in your kitchen, you’ll always have access to tripled filtered water at temperatures to suit your needs

Why Virgin Pure is a must have kitchen gadget

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Always the perfect temperature

With the ability to set your water system to dispense at any of 50+ temperature settings, you’ll always know that your water will come out at a temperature perfectly suited to your needs.

Pure water, better taste

By removing all the nasty bits from your water, the crisp, clean taste of Virgin Pure water will help to enhance your flavours when cooking. It’s why foodies love having us in their kitchen.

Never worry about running out

By connecting to the mains water supply, you’re guaranteed an unlimited supply of chilled or piping hot pure water. No need to worry about running out halfway through making your favourite recipe.

Switch to instant, filtered water with Virgin Pure.

What makes our system the smart choice

No manual refills

Hooked up to your water mains by one of our skilled engineers, you’ll never need to worry about having to refill the system when you need a drink.

Unique purification system

Four different processes, working in perfect harmony, removes the nasty stuff while keeping in all the healthy minerals that you need.

50 temperature settings

Chilled from between 5–10°C, ambient between 10–50°C, and hot between 92–97°C. There’s even a nifty ‘boost’ button to go even hotter.

What customers who made the switch are saying

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