How our unique purification system works

Removes all the nasty stuff  while keeping in all the healthy minerals that you need

Our water purification system uses four different processes, working in perfect harmony

Two micro sediment filters remove particles

We use a mesh water filter to trap big bits of dirt. The second sediment filter gets rid of smaller particles. This stops the main carbon filter being inhabited by larger molecules, increasing its effectiveness.

An activated carbon filter adsorbs chemicals

Our activated carbon filter uses charcoal ‘adsorption’. It means molecules in the water (such as chlorine) are trapped and removed from the water you drink.

Pre-filter prevents scale

Scale is formed when calcium and magnesium bond. It’s just a crystallisation of healthy minerals, although it’s not nice to drink. Our clever hot tank separates calcium and magnesium minerals, so they can’t form white flakes.

UV lamp kills bacteria

Water is then exposed to light from a special UV lamp. This means bacteria cannot develop while it sits in the water tank. UV adds nothing to the water, produces no tastes or odours, and is effective in seconds.

What does the Virgin Pure Water System filter out?

Our four step filtration process filters out all the bad stuff—some of which you probably don’t even know could be in your drinking water!

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  • chlorine icon
  • herbicide icon
    Herbicides and pesticides
  • scale thumbnail
  • vocs thumbnail
    Volatile organic compounds
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  • bacteria icon
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    Dirt and sediment

What healthy minerals does our water filter keep in?

Unlike a water softener, our water filtration process stops scale forming, but does not remove the healthy minerals dissolved in your water.

Instead, all the good minerals are kept in your pure water because our process does not cause chemical reactions or PH changes.

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Calcium forms healthy bones and teeth, regulates muscular contractions and helps blood clot.

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Magnesium is important for about 300 metabolic processes in our body, including heart and cardiovascular health, muscular function and sugar balance.

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Potassium helps blood pressure, mineral balance, muscles, and nerve system function.