How Virgin Pure reduces your environmental impact

We believe you should be able to enjoy great-tasting chilled water and delicious hot drinks whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

We help you reduce your plastic waste

It’s no secret: bottled water is a significant contributing factor to the problem of plastic pollution.

Save thousands of single-use plastic bottles per year

Research from recyclenow claims that 45% of plastic bottles used in the UK are not recycled, and instead pile up in landfills.

But there’s a way you can help tackle this. Rather than using single-use plastic bottles of water, drinking filtered tap water could save thousands, if not millions, of plastic bottles per year.

In fact, a household of four—drinking their recommended daily two litres of water from 1.5l bottles of water—could save over 1,000 plastic bottles in a year by switching to Virgin Pure.

We did the research, switching to Virgin Pure from bottled water reduces your carbon footprint by 70% and that's about 2500 plastic bottles per year for a family of four*

Grab a reusable bottle on-the-go

Of course, you can’t just take your Water System for a quick cycle ride. That’s why we’re also big fans of reusable water bottles, which have plenty of environmental benefits too.

For starters, they save you from buying single-use plastic bottles when you’re on the go. Our reusable water bottle is also designed to be completely BPA, BPS and bisphenol free. That means you can be confident there are no contaminants in your drink, or being flushed into the environment.

A kettle uses 32% more energy a year than Virgin Pure's Water System

The Test…

We’re all about fair play, so enlisted the help of the Water Regulation Advisory to conduct a simple test. Working together, we:

  • Filled 4 mugs per day with boiling water
  • Allowed 8 hrs per day for the Water System to be in energy saving mode (typically when you’re sleeping)
  • Included all power used by the Water System whilst on standby

…and the Results!

Testing found that the Water System returned an average energy usage of 0.025kWh per use / 128.448kWh per year.

In comparison, boiling a kettle returned an energy usage of 0.11kWh per usage or 169.433kWh per year.

We help you make more of what you have

We’re not fans of flashy health products with their unbelievable claims and wasteful packaging. Instead, our aim is to simply ensure you can make the most out of the water you already have access to.

All you need is water

The simple idea behind Virgin Pure is to take something we need—the water that sustains us all—and make it better.

We connect directly into your existing water mains to make the most of the water already flowing into your home.

Get the most out of your H20

Our Water System transforms your tap water into purified water; providing a better-tasting and more refreshing drink for you and your family every time they press a button.

If this means we can reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles used, reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, and help people to live a bit smarter – then that’s even better.

We ensure you never boil more than you need

It’s far too easy to waste energy and water with a domestic kettle. But with the Virgin Pure Water System, you’ll only ever dispense the water you actually need.

Are you overusing your kettle?

According to the Energy Savings Trust, 75% of people admit to using too much water every time they boil a kettle. Bear in mind that 40% of households in the UK actually boil the kettle more than 5 times per day.*

That’s a lot of energy and water that may be going to waste!

Save water, energy…and time

In comparison, a Virgin Pure Water System provides just the right amount of piping hot water needed, at the push of a button.

It means you can enjoy great hot drinks and reduce your impact on the planet at the same time.

*Source: At home with water report, published by the Energy Savings Trust

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