T6 WaterBar

A timeless classic, the original WaterBar
and still going strong.

T7 WaterBar

Our newest, fastest and smartest WaterBar.
Winner of the International Design Excellence Award

Flow speed:
Requires 3bar water pressure at mains
1.3L per minute 2.0L per minute
Heating power: 1800 W 2000 W
Water Temperature: Set cold temperature to the degree Set cold temperature to the degree
Micro adjust hot temperature
Set auto fill for your: Glasses & Mugs Glasses & Mugs

4 5
Size: Height: 35cm
Width 31cm
Depth 32cm
Height: 37cm
Width 31cm
Depth 36cm
Price: £19 per month & £29 installation £23 per month & £29 installation
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