T6 WaterBar

T7 WaterBar

Features: ✓ Easy use controls
✓ Smart screen display
✓ Oversized pour area
✓ High use capacity
✓ Uber sleek design
✓ Ergonomic controls
✓ Stylish hidden display
Best for: ✓ Businesses with 10+ employees
✓ Busy offices
✓ Staff kitchen areas
✓ Businesses with up to 10 employees
✓ Smaller and boutique offices
Size: Height: 35cm
Width 31cm
Depth 32cm
Height: 37cm
Width 31cm
Depth 36cm
12 Month Contract: £15.84 per month £19.17 per month
Installation: £24.17 one off       £24.17 one off      
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Included in your monthly plan:

✓ The WaterBar for the lifetime of your Virgin Pure plan
✓ All of your activated carbon water filters, proactively mailed to you every six months
✓ Bacteria killing replacement UV lamps, posted to you every 12 months
✓ Descaler treatment delivered directly to your door every 6 months
✓ Full Lifetime Warranty including all engineer visits and support

Fixed Spend

Our monthly plans also give you the peace of mind that you won’t need to spend another penny beyond this single monthly payment