Introducing the

T6 WaterBar

The T6 WaterBar is the smart appliance that dispenses unlimited boiling hot and chilled pure water at the touch of a button. Its clever technology uses a unique activated-carbon triple filtration system and UV lamp to get rid of bad stuff in your water (such as chlorine and bacteria), leaving all the good stuff like minerals behind.


A constant supply of perfectly chilled water for drinking, or piping hot water for hot drinks or cooking, in the time it takes you to get a cup out of the cupboard.

Our engineers will plumb your WaterBar straight into your mains for you so you can simply let it get on with its job – turning your mains water in to great-tasting, pure water, rich with essential minerals, at the touch of a button.

Its the smart way to enjoy pure water – at a temperature that you choose (you can even personalise it to your cup size!)

The best appliance in the kitchen; cooler, filter, kettle all in one very smart piece of kit

Ms Bennett