T6 WaterBar

T7 WaterBar

Price £19per month
(12 month contract)
£23per month
(12 month contract)
Installation fee £29 £29
Set chilled water temperature between 5-20˚C    
Chilled water tank capacity = 1.6 litres (40 cups per hour)    
Chilled water flow 1.3 litres per minute 2.0 litres per minute (50% faster)
Hot water maintained at 92-96°C    
Adjust hot water temperature    
Extra hot button boosts to 100°C    
Heating 1800w 2000w (25% faster)
Hot water tank capacity = 1.4 litres (60 cups per hour)    
Hot water flows = 1.3 litres per minute    
Hot water child protection lock    
Set your own mix of hot & cold    
Jug/bottle fill function    
Set your own cup and glass sizes
Set to allow room for milk in tea or coffee
Energy saving mode
Automatic wake-up    
Size Height: 35cm
Width 31cm
Depth 32cm
Height: 37cm
Width 31cm
Depth 36cm
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